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  • Window Treatments

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  • Cozy Nooks And Reading Retreats

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    A cozy nook in the house creates a relaxing, homely atmosphere. These personal, cozy corners often become the most loved spaces in the house. A corner to unwind on a Sunday afternoon, nap or read in peace, personal spaces have become a staple in every home. Here are some innovative ideas to fabricate a cozy corner.
  • Foot Of The Bed

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    Foot of the bed is often an ideal area to tuck away unwanted linens and create extra seating space in the room. A piece or a few pieces of furniture at the foot of the bed visually balance a large bedroom that poses a problem of too much extra space. Here are 10 ideas for inspiration.
  • Impactful Entryways

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    As cliche as it may sound, first impressions do matter. The entryway area has often been ignored but there is a renewed interest in designing an entryway that leaves a lasting first and last impression. Choose from functional to purely designer entry way ideas. Here are a few to fuel your imagination:
  • Canopy Comfort

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    More decorative than functional, canopy beds add a feeling of comfort and coziness. The traditional heavy canopy drapes have been replaced by sheer, light weight fabrics that filter light and are easy to care for. A canopy bed with soft drapes enhances the romantic feel and creates a child-like fantasy in the bedroom. Here are 10 great ideas to get inspired from.
  • Lighting

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  • Mixing Prints And Patterns

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